Worst gm of the month +kiffin+

You might ask how did this guy win the worst gm of the month award? Well I had him reply to four diffrent help tickets and every time he told me to go pound sand.

### Chat Capture: IMs_+Kiffin+ 06/28 12:55 PM ### [12:32] +Kiffin+: Hello Andriic, I am a Game Master for The Lord of the Rings Online In-Game Support. I will be with you momentarily. You can reply to my messages by typing /r and entering your message.

[12:32] Andriic: Hello Kiffin. Thanks for getting back to me.

[12:32] +Kiffin+: The issue you have described is either not a currently known issue that the In-Game Support team can assist with, or cannot be resolved with the information you have provided. We recommend that you take a moment to submit a formal bug report, which can be done from the REPORT A BUG tab found next to the NEW TICKET tab in the HELP area where you originally created this help request. Note that we request players submit their own bugs because the bug report process automatically gathers important player information such as character name, server name, character location in-game, character level, and more. Be sure to fully review the information at the top of the bug report form to understand how bug reports are handled.

This bug was reported on Bullroarer about two months before it went live on the servers. So do we belive its not a known issue?

[12:32] Andriic: Yes you can assist me. [12:32] Andriic: Please escalate this if you cannot. There is a chest with an item reserved for me 10 feet away. Please port to my location to confirm. [12:33] Andriic: Dont just copy pasta your way out of this issue, please. That is not customer service [12:34] Andriic: And hey Ill make you a deal. You pick my guy up, move me 10 ft to where I can interact with the chest, and Ill file that bug report for ya!

[12:35] +Kiffin+: We have confirmed this issue unfortunately there is nothing I or a Senior Game Master can do to resolve this issue.

Hmmm so in the three minutes this conversation was going on the gm was able to confirm there was a problem without gettting any info from the player at all? Or do we think this gm just used a copy and paste tactic so he would not have to do his job?

[12:35] Andriic: How do you figure that? [12:35] Andriic: In what sense can you not do anything. Please explain that. [12:37] Andriic: I can only imagine at the morning meeting before your shift started, your manager said ok now no matter what people say, if they get screwed out of their earned loot on the WW boss, you must tell them no, no matter what! This is an order!

[12:37] +Kiffin+: Is there anything else we can help with today?

So the question of why the gm could not do anything for a paying customer does not need to be answered? Hmmm does that mean that turbine does not think they are accountable to the paying customers?

[12:38] Andriic: You have not resolved my issue in any way shape or form. Please escalate this so I can speak to another GM. [12:38] Andriic: Or ya know, just pass the keyboard to the guy sitting next to you maybe.

[12:39] +Kiffin+: We can escalate this issue but they will also be unable to assist with this issue we are sorry.

[12:39] Andriic: I want you to escalate it. At the very least, I think in light of the situation, you could at least dignify your job with an honest answer that isnt copy and pasted eh?

[12:40] +Kiffin+: To further assist you, I will now forward your help request to the next level of support. Please be aware that all tickets are handled on a first come, first serve basis. The next available Senior Game Master will be with you as soon as possible.

Actually, this is a lie. We tested this on 7/15/09 around 1 am eastern time and they never answered the person who submitted the ticket first. We tried submitting a ticket with Abimor, then Ayani 5 minutes later. Ayani recived an answer first. We then tried with Zimraan, Abimor, and Ayani. Abimor got help first. We put the tickets in with random time intervals in between them. It would appear turbine does not have a help ticket queue that works. Every time we asked the gm that answered why this ticket was responded to first when we had put in a ticket worded exactly the same way earlier on a diffent guy that was still pending, we were told it was an oversight.

[12:40] Andriic: Thats kind of rude dont you think? It shows you arent trying to provide a service, you are trying to quickly and efficiently get rid of a problem, in this case me, the disatisfied customer. [12:41] Andriic: I mean, you a real person over there trying to do a job. Lets acknowledge that and talk as adults? Instead me trying to provoke you into doing something other than copy paste canned text?

Why cant turbine gm's do anything?

So we beat WW the three man today. Small problem tho when we killed boss we were permanently rooted. So to open the boss chest I used blood rage until I died and the minstrel used enlivening grace . When I accepted went back to being rooted.I used blood rage again died released and walked back as soon as I got to bottom of stairs in the boss chamber was rooted agian.

We put in a help ticket and were told by +kiffin at first this was not a known issue file a bug. When I asked can u please un-root us at least so we could get the chest? +kiffin responded by saying no one at turbine could help us with this break the group and u will get un-rooted. I then asked him can u give us the armor piece he said no.

So I ask and hope some one from turbine will respond to this. Why does +kiffin not have the power to at least give us money for our repairs and the 1/4th of armor piece that we earned. Why does the player base have to suffer for these bugs we cant avoid or fix? I would really like some one from turbine to respond please.

We have limited time to play so when we beat something we would like to at least get the reward we earned. I am trying to remain patient and calm but would really like to know why Gms cant fix this I have played another game that if this happened as long as we filed a ticket and they could verify it they would mail us the item. +kiffin was very nice and did say he was very sorry so i am not really upset with him, but for a gm to not even be able to remove a root seems odd. So please some one from turbine please respond to this and at least let us know what a gm can do. So we dont have to wait thirty minutes or more for a response if they cant even help us. Thank you in advance

Replied to by Patience right before she closed my post:

The GMs do have the technical capability to do a lot of things. The incident where a GM spawned and smited Thaurlach was a long time ago; we went against our own policy and made an exception in that case. After review, it was decided that this was probably not the best course of action which is why it's no longer done. The GM team has undergone some structural changes over the past couple of years (including, in case no one has noticed, we no longer outsource any of our in-game customer service; it's all handled in-house by teams in our offices in MA). I can't promise anything, but we're seeing if we might be able to post some general guidelines or a Q&A series about what the GMs can and can't do. One of the reasons we've never posted the guidelines before, and are hesitant to do so, is once they're posted our players will start looking for loopholes when they don't get the answer/action they wanted. Much like what happens every time someone posts a screenshot or video of Thaurlach as evidence that we should do that again, or something similar. I'm closing this thread for now, but know that the conversation is continuing on our end. -Meghan

A Q&A with the Sapience, the LOTRO Online Community Specialist

Q: (sent by Abimor to Sapience in a private message) Can you tell me why a thread I posted asking if the service from the gms was going to get better or worse was deleted? Are we not allowed to call you guys out when you're not delivering what we payed for? Also, I'm still curious why you dont post things like the anti exploit work around in the game breaking news, when you post awards the game is up for? I'm tired of searching the forums for things that are broken. Seems like you guys could save us a lot of time by posting it in the game breaking news, since if you cant lvl becuase of anti exploits it's game breaking news. Thanks for any help. I'm sure you think I'm mean, but I work in a place that has to deal with the customer face to face, not let them sit on hold for three hours like I have so far today. We have a customer first attitude so I guess that's what I expect. Abimor Executioner of the Wicked

A: We don't discuss customer service on a public internet forum. it always degenerates into rants and is wholly unproductive on either end. It's been our policy from day one. If you have an issue with support you can escalate to turbinesupportexperience@turbine.com I don't think you're mean at all. I understand the frustration of being on hold. I had the pleasure of dealing with western union today. I fully understand.

Q: When is Carn Dum going to be fixed

A: This issue and several others will be addressed in an upcoming patch. I do not have a time frame but it is going to be fixed.

Q: Is it true you guys nerfed the book 15 horse to take less hits then it used to?

A: I just spoke to several members of the systems team and they're looking into this. I'll keep you posted!

Q: Can you tell us when we will recive the reward for the kin contest it has been three weeks? Are you ignoring us?

A: You're correct in guessing there are delays. We aren't ignoring anyone.

Q: Does anyone know when we will get the writ of passage

A: The item is available to those who had an active subscription (not a trial) as of June 30. It was not meant to imply that you'd receive the item on that date. We'll need to verify the accounts and then process them. We'll let you know when you should expect to see the item appear.

Q: When is the last day we can turn in tokens posted 6/30/09

A: The tokens will stop dropping today. We'll leave the NPCs up for a bit to give you a chance to turn in your tokens. I would suggest you turn them very soon.

Q: Are our lag reports helping?

A: Not every instance no. If it helps, I just spoke an one of our engineers on the subject and they're actively reviewing all the reports in the official thread and the support requests.

Q: The servers are still down? They have been down for 8 hours

A: One thread on this subject is sufficient.

Q: Are their no horse races this festival?

A: The horse races have always been problematic. If you check out the Dev Diary on the Summer Festival, you'll see we haven't abandoned the idea. We are looking at finding a way to bring them back.

Q: What is the point of bullroarer?

A: We have a discussion already in this thread.

Q: When are the Lothlorien gift boxes going to be fixed

A: We've said several times but I'll answer again. This wasnt' shut down on our side because this is something that you the players can shut down instantly without several days of writing a patch to disable it followed by several days of testing and then 6 hours of server downtime. "Inquiring Minds" now know

Q: How do players shut down game features instantly?

A: Sapience never responded to this question that was asked by my count 1,132 times yes I spent six hours reading every post from Sapience to se if it was responded to.

Q: Why when LOTRO is up for a reward you can instantly post it in the breaking news, but cant post things like the Anti Exploit work around?

A: Sapience never responded to this question either.

Q: Why am I getting an SSL error when I try to log in to the game on a saturday morning during peak playing hours? Can you please hurry and fix it

A: We are! But Chinchillas can be very temperamental.

All of the above questions were on the forums posted by other players. If any have weird punctuation or spelling, it's because they were copied 100% accuratly. I tried to be as fair to Sapience as possible, but, to be frank, Sapience should be fired. Sapience is turbine's front to the player community and should be the one person trying to keep us from grabbing our pitchforks and torches and marching on the headquarters of turbine. Instead he/she often just spouts some useless info or gives no answer at all. It is a shame that no one at turbine cares about the game or how players feel about certain in-game issues.

Just so everyone is clear: I in no way edited Sapience's responses, but I did remove some links. With several of these questions, Sapience could have just said a simple answer. Example: Question: What is bullroarer for? Answer: To test new content before it goes live. We have a thread here with more info.

I know with the values we have, and this may not seem like something we should post. The Bible preaches accountability and holding people to some kind of standard, but currently, turbine has no way of doing this for their paying customers. You can send an email to: turbinesupportexperience@turbine.com but you will never get a response. So we are not sure if they even read them.

By the way, turbine is not capitalized intentionally. At this point in time the service they provide does not warrant capitalization.