Dark Symphony Contact List

Kin Leader: Zimraan/ Abimor

Contact Info: To contact Zimraan, send him a tell in-game or an email using this link Abimor@darksymphony.info

Alts: Taedan, Abimor, Garvyn, Thurgion, Zaccheo

How did I get this job?

I started playing LOTRO when it first came out so I would have a game to play with my wife. I loved the game, but was never happy with the atmosphere we encountered in Vent or chat. I decided to start Dark Symphony so my wife, friends, Christians, and other family-oriented people would have a safe haven to play the game, and be in a kin that still does high-lvl end-content stuff, but does not have all of the swearing or other not so family friendly things going on in it. A little about me: I am proud to be an American, and I believe that the USA is the best country in the world! I am very outspoken on certian subjects, especially politics, religion, and football, so if you want a good debate just get me started on one of those topics. I am a huge Buffalo Bills fan. (I know they are terrible, but I am loyal to a fault. I honestly believe someday they will get the ship back on course.) I live in Arizona, and am currently attending Collins College to complete a degree in Game Production. That's about it. See you in the game!

Second in Command: Esmeralde

Contact Info: Esmeralde@darksymphony.info

Alts: Lynuviel, Branwynne

The ramblings of a militant:

I am a closet MMO player. I love interacting with people in real life and I am very reluctant to admit that one of my favorite pastimes is playing an online game! As a result, most people probably think I sit at home doing nothing, when in fact I'm super busy saving Middle-earth! Other real life joys include baking, reading, music (mostly country) and visiting the three cutest little dogs ever at my parents' house. My husband is the best human being I've ever met (no insult intended to everyone else in the world), and he's also joined me in playing LOTRO as an up and coming minstrel, Trustin. I also have the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world! I love being in a kin with so many other believers and family members (family members in the kin: 5). The end-game content is great, but it's more enjoyable because of the people in our kin--they're just so comfortable to be around. My toons are: Esmeralde (Champion), Lynuviel (Rune-Keeper, healing focused), and Branwynne (Warden). I have a couple of other alts that are holding names for me, but will probably be scrapped into new classes. See you in game!

Officer: Lebigmac

Contact Info: Lebigmac@darksymphony.info

Alts: Bwane, Kobefrith, Dadaran, Duhamburglar

The lamentations of a stinky, pie-stealing hobbit:

The Lord saved me in 1993. I am a semi-professional theologian (I just made up that term!). I am married to the best woman in the world (with apologies to the ladies in the kin) and am proud to be a new grandpa to the cutest baby in the world! I have been playing boardgames since I learned chess at age 6. I love superhero comic books (though I never have time to read them anymore) and all kinds of music, mostly country. I never thought I’d play an MMORPG, then I sort of got hooked on LOTRO. Talk about a family-oriented kin: my son-in-law (Prokofiev) got us into the kin and we’ve settled in quite nicely. I consider myself the consummate noob—I am always learning things about the game. I think I’ve finally developed into a decent tank, but need to work on my stats and rad gear. My alts are Bwane (Hunter, Historian), Kobefrith (Captain, Tinker), and Dadaran (Warden, Explorer).

Officer: Ayani

Contact info:

Alts: Missmayberry, Scuuper, Peligra

Ode to a wandering minstrel:

Hi everyone! I'm married to an awesome guy I'm sure you all know (Zimraan), and have proved to be a mediocre cook. I believe I have an unappreciated talent in the cooking department, though—after all, not everyone can cook a lasagna that's burnt on the outside and frozen in the middle! Ironically enough, my main, Ayani, is a Supreme Master Cook. It's true...I live vicariously through my characters. The other loves in my life (besides my husband) are my 3 kitties (Nala the dumb one, Cosmo the fugly one, and Vixen the well-mannered one), music, teaching, and God. I'm currently teaching first grade at an Arts Academy in Phoenix, AZ. When people ask me if I have children, I tell them I have 22! I'm having a lot of fun on LOTRO and look forward to seeing you in the game!