Kin Rules

These are the rules we have established:

  1. No swearing or talking about crude things in kin chat or on the vent server. We are a family-first kin, and we will not tolerate any swearing, crude subjects, or disrespectful remarks about women on the vent server or in the kin chat. If you don’t agree with this rule, please stop reading. This kin isn’t for you.
  2. Treat all kinmates with respect.
  3. Most of our current members believe in/worship God. We talk about this subject often, so if this makes you uneasy our kin may not be the one for you.
  4. We will not allow anyone to make disparaging remarks about God, or talk about alternative lifestyles in the kin chat or on the vent server.
  5. If you create an Alt and have that Alt added into the Kinship then please go to the bottom left hand side of your quick slot bars and click on the 'Social Panel.' When the social panel comes up, click on the Kinship tab at the top, click on your character's name, then go to the to the bottom of the social panel and click on 'Update Your Note.' Write in the note beside your main character the name of your alt, then, follow up by repeating the process with your alternative character, only this time write in your main characters name...that way there is a cross reference between your alts and your main character. An easy way as an example is to simply put in AKA >name<. If you are having difficulty with understanding the process ask any of the officers to assist you. The officers have the red flags next to their names in the Social Panel under Kinship. It is very important that the notes are complied with so that your alts are then also promoted to member and able to use the chests in the Kinship house
  6. All people who are invited to the kinship must register at the Dark Symphony forums and fill out a sheet on the Kin Directory page to be promoted to member. New people who are not registered with the web site will not promoted to member until they do so. Without membership you can not use the chests in the house. Those who are already registered with the web site are promoted immediately to member status. (Details you provide for membership are kept strictly confidential and are used for the sole purpose of contact with you outside the game, ie: kin newsletters. We don’t spam.) Once you have registerd on the website send an in-game mail to Zimraan, give him the name you registered with so he can promote you. We have to do this because the site gets 100+ names registered a day, most of which are spammers.
  7. If a member needs assistance and you are not in the middle of an ongoing quest, but are in the same area, please endeavor to help kinmates. This does not mean you have to drop everything to go help, but if you can, please do.
  8. If some one has helped you out a lot and needs help, you should return the favor.
  9. If a kin member asks for advice, provide them with the information they require if you are able to.
  10. Try to fellow with kinmates. This has two major benefits: 1) you will learn things about each other, like play style so on so forth. 2) Everything is easier with a group.
  11. No begging in kin chat for items or help. Feel free to say, “Can anyone please help with this quest or make this item?” The officers always try to reply, but sometimes we are busy and may not see your request. Please don't keep spamming the kin chat channel if no one responds. Come back to it later when someone may be available to help. If it’s a book or a really long epic quest, please post your request for help on the forums — that’s what they’re for. Say "I'm going to do this quest or book on this day at this time who wants to help?" We’re confident people will plan around it so they can help you.
  12. We raid a lot and group wipes happen — please don’t ever blame another kinmate and get angry with them. Group wipes are part of raids. It happens. If you do decide to do this, be prepared be removed from the group. (Remember: if one person does cause a wipe, there may be an opportunity for you to help another kinmate learn to play their class more effectively. Build each other up!)
  13. If you are running a group and want other non-kinmates to be in our Vent chat, that’s fine. Please make sure they know not to swear while on our Vent. No item is worth us breaking our rules.
  14. We have a lot of women who play, and most are married to other kin members. Do not harass them. We are mostly talking to the guys here. They didn't join LOTRO to be hit on all day long. If we receive a complaint from someone that another member is harassing them, the officers will investigate it and take the action we think is best. This is a two-way street. Men are usually the biggest offenders, but if a woman is doing this we will still take action.
  15. Have fun! It’s a game, and it should be fun. Communicate with your kinship - a simple “hi kin” when you log in goes a long way.
  16. If you decide to leave the kin, please show some respect and let an officer know why first. This way we can take your feedback in an effort to improve the kin.