Legendary Weapons/Items: How do I get one and use it?

So you are finally ready to try and get your first legendary weapon, and you want to know how you get one. Well first thing is first - you should at least be lvl 47, then you have to go to the Walls of Moria found in Ergion and do Volume II book 1. After about chapter 7 you will get your first Legendary weapon. Then you will have to identify it at a Forge Master and lvl it to 10 before you can advance in the book any further. At the end of Book 1, Chapter 11 you will get your second Legendary Item, and gain entrance to the fabled Mines of Moria, where riches beyond measure await.

Now that you know where to start you can use the rest of this page as a guide along the way to offer helpful suggestions and tricks that we have learned about the legendary system. Be sure to check out the repeatable quest page as well, since all of those quests will give you item experience.

Identifying and Deconstructing

Ok, so some of us might be a little disappointed about our weapons, like which traits they came with. I was really bummed out at first, to be honest. Dont lose all hope--at lvl 10 when you reforge your items it will open a window that lets you pick from a list of traits you can add to the item, so you might still get something useful at lvl 10. The great news is you will get better weapons and lots of them. I have already lvld and deconstructed hundreds of weapons. You can trade in special barter items Rusted Dwarf Tools for lvl 51-55 weapons, and Khuzdul Tablets for lvl 57 - 59 weapons for new weapons from your class Legendary Weapons Trader at Dolven-View in Moria. Lvl 60+ weapons drop off two-legged humanoid mobs lvl 59 and up. The barter items drop off of mobs lvl 51 and up.

Some Tips and Tricks

So here are a few tips and tricks I have learned so far. Lvl every legendary item you can to lvl 10, reforge the item, then lvl the item to 11 and deconstruct it if you dont want to keep it. If you have decided to deconstruct the weapon at lvl 11, then when you reforge it at lvl 10 make sure you check the box that unslots the setting/gems/runes, and do not reslot anything on the weapon. If you deconstruct it with stuff slotted those things are gone forever.

Now here is why you would do this: if you deconstruct your weapon at lvl 11, you get a rune with weapon xp that you can put on another weapon. You also get a bunch of settings that can range in quality and tier. Now you can go to the Relic-Master and combine your extra settings of the same tier to make better settings/gems/runes of the next tier. For example, if you combine five Tier 1 settings you will get new settings for Tier 2. It's random how many you will get and which kind, but they will all be Tier 2. This is really nice since I would never use a setting that gives me improved ranged crit rating or tactical crit rating on Abimor, but I can still save them up and trade them in for something better.

In order for a weapon to get XP you must have identified it and equipped it once. It does not have to remain equipped, just bound to you. You can do this with up to six items at a time. The only legendary item that needs to be equipped all the time to get XP is the one you get from doing Volume 2, Book 1.

Legendary Weapon Traits Coming Soon

Ok, so what on earth does +1 Combat-Effect Delay do anyhow? I'm so confused and the developers didn't really decide to let us know what these things do, and if you ask a GM they wil tell you to look it up in the forums.(By the way, +1 Combat-Effect Delay means if you have an ability that you have to be in combat for--like red haze for us noble champions--it will stay on for one second longer out of combat then normal. So if you have an effect that requires you to defeat an enemy before you turn it on but it goes away really fast once you are out of combat, you now have one second more and the time goes up as you throw points into it. Now that's cool!!)

So my plan is to list all the item traits for every class and what they do. I would really like help in this so if you figure something out OH NO HERE COMES SOME HOMEWORK send me an email at abimor@darksymphony.info with the trait's name and what it does. That would be really cool of you guys, thanks!