We are not vouching for any of these sites. Make sure you still have your antivirus software on. A lot of people turn it off to play the game, so this is just a reminder the web is not safe.


  • The only map I use anymore for Lotro http://dynmap.ruslotro.com
  • Lotro Info

  • The Lotro-ran Wiki style Lorebook Lore book
  • The Lotro home page Lotro.com
  • Lotro mmodb (has a lot of info about quests, maps, enemies, crafting ) lotro.mmodb
  • Shard Dropper Pages

    Here are some sites that I used before we started our own shard dropper page

  • Lotro Life has a list of most, if not all, the older shard droppers lotrolife
  • Lotro-rares.com This site has a bunch of shard droppers too