Vent Info

Host name: Port Number: 9092
Pasword: dark

Once you have downloaded and installed Vent you can click on this link and it automatically put in our host name, port number, and other set-up info for you.

To download Vent, go to and follow the instructions for downloading it. If you need any help with downloading or installing the Vent client please feel free to ask or send me an email at The Ventrilo client is free to use, so don't let cost or knowledge keep you from chatting. Organized kin events will require you to use Vent. That doesn't mean you ever have to talk or buy a mic; you will be able to hear us through your game speakers. This way we don't have to type everything out.

Lets use Vent!!!!

So anyone who has tried to read Abimor's typing while he is playing the game has probably said "What in the world is THAT word supposed to be???" at least one time. A very easy way to solve this problem is to get into Vent. The kin officers are always in vent unless they are doing a raid. We do understand some people don't want to buy a mic or can't, however the majority of us can. So come on guys, join in the fun! It's always a great time. Also when you ask for help in Vent it is easier for us to respond. Sometimes we just don't see stuff in the chat log, like when were in a raid and just trying to survive. All of the info on how to get Vent is listed above.